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Employer Payroll Services
Employer Payroll Services manage wages, commissions, bonuses, pay for vacations or holidays, pay for sickness and overtime pay. Employees are remunerated at a set rate as companies may have full-time employees as well as part-time employees. Wages are paid as hourly wages or as fixed wages depending on the type of their work. A payroll accountant calculates such different ways of payments.

Employer Payroll services are accounting firms that prepares payroll for other business firms. Employer payroll services are usually run by Certified Public Accountants. A large number of clients of such Employers are usually small business firms that cannot handle complicated payroll functions on its own.

Payroll service Employers mainly focus on tasks such as printing employee paychecks, making direct deposit of pay into the bank accounts of employees, calculating and withholding federal, state and local taxes, calculating Social Security and Medicare taxes, filing quarterly and annual payroll reports, depositing withheld taxes with the authorities and preparing year-end employee tax documents.