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Payroll Tax Service
Payroll is the payment paid to employee for a certain period by the employer. Payroll usually covers wages, commissions, bonuses, overtime pay, pay for vacations or holidays and pay for sickness. A company may have full-time employees as well as part-time employees. Hence, employees are remunerated at a set rate. Wages are paid as fixed salary or as hourly wages depending on their work. A payroll specialist calculates these different methods of payments.

Depending of the size of the payroll, payroll taxes are to be paid. Apart from deducting Social Security and Medicare payments from employee paychecks, employers ought to deduct tax withholdings. The employers have to pay federal, state as well local taxes for the employees. Moreover, the employers must keep records of these transactions for auditing and tax purposes. Since calculating payroll and tax filings are complicated and time-consuming, employers usually fall back on payroll service providers. Payroll service companies provide payroll services including payroll processing and tax management.

Most of the payroll services offer services such as employers’ tax payments and tax compliance assistance and so on. Payroll service tax and payroll system are usually accurate since they employ highly qualified and experienced professionals to carry out the task for you. Payroll service companies calculate tax withholdings for all relevant tax jurisdictions. They also file, deposit and reconcile payroll taxes such as Social Security and Medicare taxes, federal income and employment taxes, state income and employment taxes, local income taxes and state disability insurance. Today online payroll services also offer such services to employers.